There are many things we may change in a production chain of an olive oil mill in order to finally get a much better olive oil. But first of all everything starts with a new mind-set. One should be upfront with a new thinking. When we have a look at the car industry we may recognize that there was always improvement. If we compare cars from the 80's with cars from nowadays we can see a huge processing. And they did not stop, they still go ahead constantly. Day by day they try to build better cars. Saver, better performance, more economical and with less emissions.


Why olive oil producers fell asleep? Why do they work with technologies from the 80's? Why do they have the idea to produce as much as they can and not as good as they should? The goal of INTERNATIONAL OLIVE OIL CONSULTANTS is to produce not only a liquid fat but to get the healthiest and most desirable fruit juice ever. We want to create very special olive oils, something very great, to get the best possible organoleptic profiles out of these little green fruits. We want us to feel better when someone is tasting this olive fruit juice - called extra virgin olive oil - and gets a big smile on it's face. Of course with a new mind-set - made by INTERNATIONAL OLIVE OIL CONSULTANTS - olive oil producers would produce much better olive oil and earn much more money. How great is that?


We turn your cost into a profit. Get taught from internationally well-respected professionals of INTERNATIONAL OLIVE OIL CONSULTANTS. We may help to recondition your whole production and supply chain to finally get a great extra virgin olive oil with beautiful organoleptic characteristics. This liquid elixir you will be able to sell much, much better.....


What could be more meaningful than selling beautiful extra vergin olive oil in a very profitable way? There is maybe just one thing: To drink it by yourself!